Bugs after disconnection

  • Hi. I remember talking about this bug, but don't remember if this bug is already in todo list or was "fixed" sometime, so will write again.
    Yesterday i played esl-match. During it i had some problems with electricity, so router was rebooting (computer worked just because it was netbook) and i lost connection to server several times. During the first electricity shutdown, i was playing and connection wasn't lost. I only coudn't move fore about 30 seconds, score was 12:1. When it reconnected automatically, score disappeared from the screen. I made 4 next points and won. When the game was finished, i saw no score-window, only players didn't move. When i pressed exit button, window opened with old score (12:1). But the real score was 16:9, because my opponent made some balls while i was "offline". After it we were going to play second set, but i simply couldn't change my "ready-status" or move to spectators. Game started and i couldn't move in it. Seems that server decided that i was disconnected, but actually i wasn't :D
    After reentering i saw my name twice in the players list. After playing i got some more disconnections. Result is on the screenshots:

    Needs fixing ;)

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