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    Third season of Blub CIS League connected players from Russia and Armenia, who fought for prize fund in 1300 RUB.

    BrainAndSoul, by the way, are there any news about such tournaments with prizes? I'd like to participate in it! :thumbsup:

    They don't write anything now, so it doesn't matter, anyway ;)
    Even more - it doesn't affect on statistics: record of users is still 2 :S

    Wow! Didn't expect that too! Looks funny! :)
    Indeed, there are much changes, but they were needed for sure. Someone may like new graphics, someone - not, but the idea of browser-version is quite good. That's nice if it'll be possible to add it on browser-games sites to bring popularity and new life to the game. Also good that non-browser-version will stay with us too.
    To be honest, new version resemble me two games (unfortunately, dead at the moment): BlobFoot (of course, because of 3D and spectators on the stadium), but mostly - Blobby Volley 3D. When i saw it, i remembered right away this game! It looked so unusual for me when i downloaded it several years ago after lots of played games in simple 2D Blobby. But there were no players or no multiplayer-mode, so it wasn't possible to play online with others, that was quite disappointing. So what can i say in conclusion? I like it! Really good work, Markus! :thumbsup: Looking forward to play first matches in new blubVolley! ;)

    Thanks :)
    By the way, there is a new cup! Registration is open until Monday's evening (i know - too late, but probably someone will see it and register today :D ).

    Thanks for info, i'd really like to participate in a new blub cup! Signed up! Also updated the first post and fixed the link to this thread on the blub-homepage! :)

    Wow, good news! I didn't know it, thought it won't be released ever :)
    Anyway, this new "ChrOpera" is still ugly. They don't hear their fans and users, they are doing another clone of Chrome. If i'd like to use Chrome, i'd do it. They promised to save all features at the beginning, but just change browser engine. One year passed. And Opera 24 is almost the same as Opera 15. They just want a bigger number of version, no real changes. And that's sad. They killed beautiful browser, which many people including me still can't replace. I'd really want a new version of Opera, but it's not that i want to use, unfortunately... :(