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    If you still have plans about what we talked, i think there is no reason to change something now. Guests won't be able to write in forum when it'll move and registration probably will be different.

    I've edited permissions for guests, now they can write only in one forum. Registration is disabled too. All registered spammers were removed again.

    Bots should be sad now :D

    Again i've noticed this bug in 1920x1080 resolution:

    After this game i disabled zoom in options and ball got normal:

    After it i enabled zoom, but nothing changed.
    Really crazy bug :D
    I have two other ideas when it appears, will check tomorrow.

    Hi. I remember talking about this bug, but don't remember if this bug is already in todo list or was "fixed" sometime, so will write again.
    Yesterday i played esl-match. During it i had some problems with electricity, so router was rebooting (computer worked just because it was netbook) and i lost connection to server several times. During the first electricity shutdown, i was playing and connection wasn't lost. I only coudn't move fore about 30 seconds, score was 12:1. When it reconnected automatically, score disappeared from the screen. I made 4 next points and won. When the game was finished, i saw no score-window, only players didn't move. When i pressed exit button, window opened with old score (12:1). But the real score was 16:9, because my opponent made some balls while i was "offline". After it we were going to play second set, but i simply couldn't change my "ready-status" or move to spectators. Game started and i couldn't move in it. Seems that server decided that i was disconnected, but actually i wasn't :D
    After reentering i saw my name twice in the players list. After playing i got some more disconnections. Result is on the screenshots:

    Needs fixing ;)

    I have this bug every game. Will try to find out when it appears. Also i may install win 7/8 and test it there, maybe this bug appears only in linux version :S
    By the way, which screen resolution do you have?

    I wonder if it's normal or not:

    If i'm right on 1280x1024 ball was smaller than players figurs, but in 1920x1080 it looks different!
    Also, one more picture with american football ball :D

    I remember Blobby Liga wanted to test playing blub with as many players online as possible several years ago, but because of down server this was canceled :(
    Today i searched reviews and comments about blub and suddenly found the video which i'd like to share:
    Maybe someone know if there were bigger teams or this is a record of players amount? :D

    Also there is one more untranslated phrase: "Which operating system do you use?" (description of the profile field).

    Merry Christmas

    Thanks, you too ;)

    In the New profile field operating system is the Text in english, not in German.

    The problem is that i don't know how OS is called in Deutsch :D I may translate it in google or other translators, but i can't be sure if it's correct variant or not. Will be good if you say the best translation for that phrase, then i replace "operating system" in your language ;)

    Other languages were fixed now. Sorry for temporary inconvenience! :)
    If you'll notice any missing phrases please write about it in this thread.

    Maybe a Translation-Backup find on WBB Webpage, when Markus not have one.

    I haven't find it there, maybe it's available only for logged in users. I said i downloaded latest forum script, there are only 700 instead of 4400 variables (maybe because of extensions installed in this forum) :(

    Looked a bit into it, do u think the error is in "design" -> "template"?

    Templates? I haven't changed anything there, but who knows what could happened :D I thought some language variables were removed during sinchronization (i remember fields and[short date or something like that], can't find them now). I'll search the names of these fields in original files, hope they are there.