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    Shit, after language synchronization somehow time and date settings got broken in german and some other translations 8|
    Sorry for temporarily inconvenience, will be fixed as soon as possible...

    wcf.user.option.userOption51: Lubuntu 12.10

    PS: I have found a Bug... :D
    The New profile field is not "operating system"- at least by me- is it "wcf.user.option.userOption51".

    Thanks for info, now it's fixed. Forgot to synchronize languages :D

    Can you the Uploadfile limit to less as 100 MB and without BMP File set?

    What for? Were there any people who uploaded such big files here? When they appear, then we'll talk with them :D

    Can you protect the Forum before Spambots?

    Only by adding to the black list. But i guess it's not a good variant :(
    I'll search information about this, maybe someone has found good solution for Wortlab's forum :)
    But these bots aren't so nasty now, as they would be when they'll write in all threads or personal messages, so it is not a big problem at the moment.

    I remembered that I have administrative rights in this forum, so i made two changes today:
    1. All bots were removed;
    2. New profile field: operating system :)
    Fell free to add new ideas :thumbsup:

    Without having win 2000 installed i can only suggest to compare versions of installed software. I'm upgrading my computers this month, after it one of them will be free, then i'll be able to install win 2000 and other old systems to test blub in it. Maybe then i can say more...
    But one question: why do you still use win 2000? such old hardware or just something like a tradition? :)

    If html5 is not possible (yet), then there is no reason to port it to java or "sodium chloride" :D
    Java is dead as flash; don't know anything about NaCl, but Chrome-only isn't good thing too...

    do u mean the complete gui?

    Yes. I like the idea of BV2 browser-version, but bad that it's cut version. I think fully featured version will be nice. And this can bring more popularity to blub (by cooperation with online game sites). You can see how popular are flash games nowadays, but it's going to be replaced by html5. So it's high time to start thinking about it :)

    is this bug known: when a spectator, who dont spectates anymore, writes a message in the matchroom chat, this message isnt shown in the ingame chat. the playing players only hear a sound of it.

    Confirm this bug, probably i already wrote about it before :)

    Thank you, Lany, btw welcome back :)
    But i'm still free from military service, and there is quite a good chance that i won't go there. But everything is possible in Russia... :D

    Actually i haven't thought about gprs/edge/3g etc - there, of course, may be problems. But what's up with wlan? I used to play blub when all sites were opening very slow because of my broken router (speed about 64 or 128 kbit/s), and it worked almost as good as over lan (only several short freezes during the match). So why not to try? At least, as experiment, to see how good it works in different places - home, cafes, public transport with free wi-fi access. ;)

    What do you mean by "only singleplayer"? No internet-mode? I don't like it very much :(
    I think lots of settings isn't a big problem: main settings can be displayed on the screen, others may be hidden, with possibility to open them by pressing some button.

    By the way, when we were talking about iOS version you told that it'll be only for iPad, not iPhone because of small screen. I saw my friend playing "blobby volleyball" game on his android phone and it's cool! The main thing is to make another (compact and simple) gui for smarthphone version and it will be perfect. For example in the game room, should be no chat by default - only settings, when you press some button chat opens. Maybe i'll paint a "screenshot" later, to make it easier to understand. Of course, some features can be removed, for example, several players on one phone (not tablet pc version). And several features may be added (bluetooth support).
    On the one hand, this means you have a lot of work, but on the other - it can bring more popularity to blub game! :)

    I want to return to this discussion:

    By the way, Blobby Volley developer want to make version for Android. Are there any such plans in Blub for the future? :D

    Ogre3D doesn't support Android :(

    I saw messages that some people were successful in compiling orge3d for android, so again i'd like to ask this question: do you plan to release android version? Or it's still impossible or hard enough to develop blubVolley for this OS?