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    Hi Markus,

    the camera perspective is different when choosing "zoom camera" on or off. If I disable the camera zoom, the perspective is more zoomed out. So you don't get the field to fill up the screen when playing 5on5. Why is that? I don't need to see the space left and right outside the field, but all the important details (ball, players, etc.) are smaller. :(

    If the ball leaves the view, there is still the nice little dot to locate it. Can you please change that, so that the perspective without zoom is not different from the perspective with zoom (as it was with V0.8 )? ?(


    I had this problem only with old replays, which had this bug in previous versions.

    Ah, thanx for the hint. In fact, I've reviewed an "old" replay from the esl server. So, if the bug lies within the replay file, that's the explanation for my observation.

    Sorry Markus, probably there is no problem concerning replays with the current version. :S

    Hi Markus,
    one bug seems to have survived from V 0.8: if you watch replays (at least somtimes) the points are assigned to the wrong team, i.e. if Team A wins the ball, Team B gets the point.

    I don't know if it had been fixed in the meantime, but with 1.0e I've observed it for several matches.


    Hi Markus,

    --- disable popup "No connection to
    UpdateServer" in Lan

    the dialog still pops up during the game if you don't wait long enough before starting the game :(


    Good idea! we will cahnge that! :thumbsup: So that player r able just to change a *.xml :D

    Thanks, maybe it's possible
    to configure the position of the BLUB-Banner as well, as it is a little
    distacting right behind the player positions.

    ?( that shouldn't have changed! Will proof the sourcecode on that
    :thumbup: Normaly the game connects at startup. U tested in LAN?

    Yes, we do play in a LAN with a proxy that prohibits
    connections to the update server. If you're starting a game right ahead,
    the dialog appears while playing :( .
    In Version 0.8 the dialog appears before the room dialog appears.

    Just some questions:

    • How can we change the background image, e.g. for a team-styled design?
    • The little creatures distract me when playing. Is there a way for me to remove them from the background (like editing some of the txt/xml files)?
    • Is it possible to suppress the error dialog "Could not connect to update server" or check the connection before starting the game (as in current version 0.8). In version 1.0 this error dialog appears during the game and is thus a little bit annoying.


    Hi Markus,
    thanks for the new version. Works very smooth :thumbsup:

    One bug we detected is, that sometimes at end the end of a set, the camera zooms out (looks like an island vanishing into the horizon), but doesn't zoom in again for the next set. ;(
    So the field remains zoomed out and is sooooo tiny that playing is not possible.


    Hallo Markus,
    da alle meine Versuche, eine Gesetzmäßigkeit zu entdecken, bislang fehlgeschlagen sind, frage ich jetzt einfach mal den Meister selbst:

    Wie wird denn die Grundaufstellung der Spieler im blub festgelegt (also wer steht näher am Netz oder wer näher zur Wand)?
    Die Reihenfolge, in dem man ins Team einsteigt, scheint es nicht zu sein und auch die Reihenfolge der Aktivierung ergab für mich keine nachvollziehbaren Ergebnisse. Ist die Reihenfolge zufällig?

    Wäre schön, wenn Du Licht ins Dunkel bringen könntest.