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    I guess, the games versus guests should be counted, but on a lower level (about 0.1 or so). There shouldn't be to many fake matches if you stop playing about one ip.
    Also: only 3 games a day versus the same player AND IP

    Edit: Or Third game and all further games on the same day are counted together (Possible?)

    5. don't like that idea, because if the opposite are grinches, they play the ball to each other and don't let the other team play

    That's not exactly what I mean. I'd like to keep the "three touches in team" rule but add a "one touch in a row per player" rule =>As it is in real (beach) volley ball.
    I thought it would bring more challenge into team matches because all players would need to act as teams and not like tow or more single players in one field.

    Great 8o that you continue working on blub markus. Somethings I want to suggest/add:
    -the bug for mouse game on the right side (mirror playing 8| )
    -possibility for own bots on online servers (we could make bot challenges) (i expect undoable)
    -possibility to view whether someone is joining the online servers. When theres nothing going on and you wait for someone to play, it's nice to spend the time playing with a bot.
    - maybe playing against yourself for training (single player without bots)? Like playing against a wall or having one player on each side of the field (= two players) with one input (also zum Beispiel nur mit der Maus zwei spieler "synchron" auf beiden Felder steuern)
    - possibility for: when playing 2on2 or other team matches your are not allowed to hit the ball more the once in a row instead of 3 times for more team playing (and more beach volleyball likeness)

    Thanks for your work

    As someone said that he misses a hard bot in blub, I thought about the problem. As I am not able to make such a bot, I made a team of 7 bots (5 different kinds) which is fairly good( at least for me :) )
    (They beat a team of 3 middle bots 99:17 in 23 min (Too Fast x2.0))

    How to use them?
    1. Download the file below and unzip the included files in directory of your blub game under directory/data/bots/
    2. Start blub and go into single player mode
    3. Now you should have bteam1 as opponent (if not kick easy and replace it through the bteam1-bot [if no bteam-bots exist, you did something wrong in step 1])
    4. Now add the other bots of the bteam to your opponent (in the following order: bteam235, bteam235, bteam4, bteam235, bteam6, bteam7 -> as you can see, the number behind bteam refers to the position)
    it's important that you add the bteam-bots as described above, otherwise it won't work (because bteam235 is a static bot, it doesn't move)
    5. Start the game (You may need a bot another bot i your team that helps you[ for example bteam6 which is an easy bot that doesn't jump -> doesn't disturb you], and enjoy :thumbup:

    This bot collection was designed with collision off but it seems to work with collision on too. I don't know what happens with jumpover on.

    Edit and improve it if you want



      (1.28 kB, downloaded 1,125 times, last: )

    It's no line but the mouse pointer. When I play with mouse, I can place it at anyplace and my player will come to this location (it's just to make it easier to see where the player will go). If you want to play with normal mouse and /or arrow keys, just replace gui/core_pointer.xml through the original one

    Okay, its up now! (See first post)

    If you want, I will (try to) tell you how I did it (someone interested in modders workshop?)

    Hi Markus, die Mausgröße hab ich unter gui/core_pointer.xml geändert (Farbe war nicht beabsichtigt)
    [I changed itunder Gui/corepointer.xml]
    Ich würde es ja auch hochladen aber dein Upload ist erst usrt langsam und lädt dann garnicht :(
    Ich probierst morgen noch mal

    hi guys, this is a mod I made some weeks ago:
    -> monochrome ball and background + less objects (like the plams etc.)
    -> walls with line in the middle (where the ball turns) + I took the net model instead of walls (I don't know why)
    -> mouse optimized for mouse game
    -> new player colors
    Here the link: Aervalsmod

    Aunt Edit says: Now it works (hopefully), thanks to Markus!!!