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    I try to mod blub but with the wall mesh i can't have a successfull result and if i delete it i can't run a game (but the main menu open).
    So for the 1.2 does it 'll be possible to bypass the wall meshes ?

    Here the only positive result that i have done with the mesh:

    Spam attack seems to be stopped, then this thread is opened again! :)
    Such questions for Markus: Do you plan to continue development of this game? Russian translation isn't actual, no Linux and Mac versions, several lags, several new features from blubVolley are missed etc...
    Also do you have plans about popularization of the game, for example, introducing it to esl, etc?

    really stopped ? ;D

    Please, do this: remove all mesh-files in "/blubVolley/data/meshes/new/", enable "Interpolite positions" in options, close ALL programs (including browser) and play a game with someone. If your problem will occur, then do these instructions. If problem will occur after it too, then i don't have any idea, only Markus will be able to help ;)

    What the option "interpolite position" do?
    Removed mesh files really give a little boost i was thinking even with meshes removed the game calculare them am i right?

    Give us your pc spec .
    By the way we have played a 3vs 3 matchs for 7 minutes 1 hour last night and no problems no lag and i have only one megabit of bandwidht.
    Tu as surement un probleme avec ton pc et on peut t'aider mais ne crois pas forcement que le probleme vient du jeux ou des serveurs ...

    I' can't replace GK and i ^lay really not as good at him but i 'll try to do my best for to help too ;).
    By the way i have maid my militrary service too it was the last year in france that service become obligatory :(
    if the wars don't exist there's no need to soldiers; shitty military .
    Anyway good luck GK to your miltary services u :=)

    ah yes i have seen the keys here so no sorry i think it's the same for linux.
    By the way it's more zoom out than zoom in :) not really efficient and we definitively need zoom without autozoom on please markus ^^

    maybe the key are not just page up down but ctrl or shift page down but i don't remember where i have seen the keyboards function.
    By the way zoom in is not enought it can't be fully zoomed.

    it would be good to have the key (pag up pag down) working even if we not use the autozoom feature.Because on a 4 on 4 the zoom level is really too far i need to zoom in for to see my blub.
    Thx to considere it !

    yep many new game use overbloom for old school gamers it can be totally ruin a game new gen love it however :)
    eg: of game overbloomed Dirt and almost all GRID.
    But with mod or some tweak in the graphic file config it can be adjusted :)

    Ah Cumparablex do not forgotten you're match because my question was how about long is 1 match beetween pro players he said me 5 hours he right 2X5 hours (2 match) = 10 hours it's near 9.5.

    After this 2 match no brain , hand or eyes trouble?

    By the way if u win only one point u must have the smile after.

    Have you save the replay? if yes can you share it? (rc1 have forward function i know why now ^^)