French translation

  • Strange this blub xml is not in French.
    However here's the new one with all trad maid i have only not changed the credits .
    For authors translation i have wrote "author unknown and finished translation =Kiwi="
    Thx markus for this good game when i 'll have time i 'll take a look at the blubspace translation...

    Edit: corrected the Unko credit;)
    Edit2: corrected the xml fault

  • no if u look at the translation (just over the mouse in the blub.xml of this tread u 'll see:

    -<language name="blub"> -<language name="English"> <phrase id="0">Cancel</phrase> <phrase id="1">Initializing Input</phrase> etc...
    And the french xml on the blub game its write "author unknown" so i don't think unko was the trad:)

  • Have you downloaded the latest version from this site? All missed authors in credits were added in it.
    By the way, when i open your new file in browser, i see something like "Mistake in XML". First time there wasn't this problem. Are you sure you haven't changed encoding or something else?

  • Ah ok my mistake when i have checked it i have seen author UNKO and i was thinking it was a mistake in the word UNKNOWN so i have changed unko for unknown XD (i have just checked a clean install of blub all is ok in the credits).

    For mistake in xml yes i have a blank page when i open it in IE but he works in the game.
    I have used only the default pad "bloc note in french" and not an editor like notepad++ so maybe that's why ok i 'll correct it ;) but anyway this file works in the game.

    Edit ok i have found the mistake i was wrote:
    unko & fin de traduction kiwi.... the "&" caractere wasn't apreciated i have changed for Unko ET fin de trad.....
    File updated all is ok now !

  • Well "et fin de traduction" is understood by anyone speaking french ^^
    I prefer this because i am just author of some lines of translation the whole credits goes to Unko.

    But updated trad 'll be better? In french= "Unko et mise à jour de la traduction par =KiWi="
    Feel free to paste this line u right it's more pro like this :=)

    Edit:ok i have checked it ingame ,french words doesn't looks good with the english words in Credits.
    So i suggest:
    "Unko, updated translation =KiWi="
    I don' want translate credits because i am pretty sure i 'll make mistakes in "project manager etc..." and anyway in games ,credits are often in english even if the game is in french so credits in english goes fine for a french guy.

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