Mods: installation, development etc.

  • With the introducing of mods page, I’d like to start this thread as a kind of modding guide.

    Download page:

    Graphic mods installation:
    If you want to install graphic mod, you need to replace the original image by new file.
    Here are the locations of some graphic files:
    - Balls: /blubVolley/data/textures/balltex.png)
    - Color schemes: /blubVolley/data/gui/core.png)
    - Walls: /blubVolley/data/textures/walltex.png

    Graphic mods development:
    To create your own mod you need to have any graphic editor, desire and some free time. Take any graphic file from the game as example and create your own masterpiece! When the work will be ready, please publish it in this forum and your mod will appear on the mods page.

    Changing blub colors:
    If you decide to change colors of blubs, you need to edit "ball.material" in /blubVolley/data/materials/
    You need to find these lines at the bottom:
    material VolleyPlayer - color of your player
    material VolleyPlayerAlly - color of other players in your team
    material VolleyPlayerEnemy - color of opposite team's players
    To set a new color you need to change numbers in these lines (ambient and diffuse). The number ranges from 0 to 1.
    Basic colors are red (1 0 0), green (0 1 0) and blue (0 0 1).
    If you want to set another color, for example, #6d3090 (R=109 G=48 B=144), you need to convert code from RGB this way:
    R = 0.0039*109=0.4251
    G = 0.0039*48=0.1872
    B = 0.0039*144=0.5615
    So you'll get

    1. ambient 0.4251 0.1872 0.5615
    2. diffuse 0.4251 0.1872 0.5615

    Also, numbers in ambient and diffuse lines may be totally different.

    Font change:
    Add your-font.ttf file to /blubVolley/data/gui/. Then edit "core_font.xml" in the same folder.
    You have to change this line:

    1. <Font name="Default" source="DejaVuSans.ttf" size="19" resolution="50" antialias_colour="false" space_width="4" tab_width="8" cursor_width="2" distance="6" offset_height="0">

    Change source="DejaVuSans.ttf" into source="your-font.ttf". If you want, you may change another options like size etc.

    That's all for now.
    This thread will be complemented later.

    You are welcome to ask any questions on blub-modding here.