*work in progress* 1.2 blubVolley

  • Yes, you are right :)
    By the way, you can add some new bugs to the list:
    1. When you set in settings smaller size of window, and then expand it to fullscreen during the game, you won't be able to move cursor in the rest part of the screen. For example, i set 800x600 resolution, my screen is 1280x1024. When i expand the window, i can move cursor only in first 800 pixels horizontal and 600 pixels vertical (so i can't click exit button which is in right bottom corner until i minimize the window).
    2. Also it's not very good that it's possible to move in-game-window out of the screen, like this:

    When i have cursor on it's header, then go to another program and again come back to blub, it moves automatically, sometimes it goes even out of the screen and i can find it only when i expand the window :D

  • Hello,
    Hope the new version you are making is more stable, because this game is unplayable since 1year or more (in case you haven't realized it yet

  • Hi,[align=-webkit-left]I'm without doubt the man who played the most time on this game, I'm playing it on ESL since the beginning (2010), I made over 2k matches and I was first during a long time (maybe 1year or more).Now, the problem is like I said today on matchcomments : http://www.esl.eu/eu/blubgame/…n1/ladder/match/25332219/ : "theoric speed
    reality is there are lags all match long that make the game speed going down and going up and it's just HORRIBLE"

    [align=-webkit-left]I already said it here on this forum, as I see it's still not fixed, I don't know what you did to this game, but it's LAGGY as hell, so your GAME has a problem or your SERVERS have a problem, I'm quite bored because now I can't play anymore SERIOUSLY, yes, ESL is a serious league even if I consider this game as fun, I like to WIN on EVERY GAME i PLAY.[align=-webkit-left]

  • Give us your pc spec .
    By the way we have played a 3vs 3 matchs for 7 minutes 1 hour last night and no problems no lag and i have only one megabit of bandwidht.
    Tu as surement un probleme avec ton pc et on peut t'aider mais ne crois pas forcement que le probleme vient du jeux ou des serveurs ...

  • Thorenssennn, are all other programs (browser, messenger etc) closed during the game? Is your connection good enough? What are specifications of your PC and internet connection?
    I play since 2008, but i have serious speed problems very rarely, and mostly because of my connection. Only once speed become very different during the match (for me and my opponent), but it's solitary instance.
    On which speed do you have these lags? Only at 1.75 or or on slower speed too? If you want we can play fun match with your settings to test if both players will have these lags or not.
    Also, look this thread and follow the instructions in third post.

  • good day, I are likewise larger blub fun andplays also quite often. for the moment I mustgive thor however partly quite, to before all athigher play speed arise increased lags, and from 1.5 becomes in run the play somehow 1.25 /1.1, and/or it feels in such a way.
    I have a 1,6mb Internet connection and a dual core with which one a too weak system to probably exclude can

    however only sometimes this descriptive problemarises, in 3/4 of the time in which I blub played waseverything correct, but it is available

  • Hi Markus!
    I have better idea for room password. You know that password is created only once - when you make a room. The main problem that you can't remove it without exiting from room. Also new players may be unsure what to enter in a password window when they create the room. So i suggest to move password management to game options. This way Master can remove and change password easily. And those who don't need password, will make less clicks to start a game ;)
    Here is possible example: